Da Captain Trips - Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I - LP 12" Vinyl

Da Captain Trips - Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I - LP 12" Vinyl

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Art.Nr.: VELP003



Side A
01 - Leaving The Mainland Again
02 - Merfolk Ride
03 - Floating
Side B
01 - Sargassian Way To Definitive Blue
02 - Mar-Has-Kas
03 - Old Man From The Sea
04 - Siren's Call

Label: Vincebus Eruptum Recordings

“Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I” is the first full length album of the Italian band Da Captain Trips.

After a self produced Ep in 2010 and many shows around Europe supporting bands like Vibravoid, White Hills, Fatso Jetson, Samsara \nBlues Experiment, Yawning Man, they finally comes in a full length.

Seven tracks for a total of 42 minutes of pure instrumental groovy psychedelic rock never boring, influenced by all the blues and the psychedelic space rock of the 60's and the 70's.
Da Captain Trips was born basically as a jam band who capture its own nature on stage carried by the atmosphere of the moment in fact on this record they have tried to recreate the same attitude and the spontaneity they use normally on stage and in rehearsal room.
All songs have been recorded live at Elfo Recording Studio(Piacenza-Italy) by Alberto Callegari and mixed & mastered by Marco Ranalli at Andruid Studio (Pescara-Italy).

The recordings has been mastered keeping the dynamic range on the value 11 to maintain the lower compression possible and the highest dynamic.
The songs “Leaving the mainland again” and “Sargassian Way to Definitive Blue” has been previously released on the first Ep but with different arrangement and without synth.
The drawing of the cover has been made by Sappah (drummer of the band).
Totally addicted to vintage amps, effects & instruments they met on their way two great indie labels who have decided to invest in Da Captain.


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