One Possible Option

One Possible Option: Alternative rock from Rijeka Croatia

ONE POSSIBLE OPTION was formed in 2007 by Zdravko “Piggy” Kasapović. He invited Edvin Nađ and Dejan “Deva” Adamović to join him and his son Deni Kasapović to create and play music together, and to share his strong and clear vision.

At the very beginning we found out that we think and feel the same way and have the same great passion for the music we make. This is obvious especially at live performances where we find a strong chemistry between us. After excellent feedback from our local audience we develop a desire to share our patiently made music with all people in the world. For that matter we write all of our songs in English so that a broader audience is now able to understand what we are singing about. The thing is that Piggy’s lyrics aren’t just empty earcatchy words, they talk about reality, about real problems and their solutions on the global level, they are strong messages and reflection of our statements.

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