Super Hard Boys

„Raw, edgy and perverted are the first words that come to mind when describing the Super Hard Boys, who arrived on the underground Stoner scene roughly around 2012 A.D. The four-piece (headed by prodigious singer and producer Nima Davari) make a live assault on your ear drums with uncompromising walls of noise, groovy bass lines and eclectic guitar sounds. All these effects mingle to create a unique vibe, rounded off by incredibly sexy lyrics that are delivered in an antithetically cool way. It’s just that mix of hot and cold that will get your blood pumping. Even if you didn’t come to dance, your feet will start moving of their own accord…

The Super Hard Boys deliver their own brand of music, humorously self-titled „Fuzzadelic Boner Pop“, barring all excuses: They bring that stoner-psych-feelgood-vibe wherever they go. Be it live or on the debut album, there are no compromises made as to quality, professionalism and sound. Finally, some quality music in an otherwise shit-saturated world.
Super Hard Boys: They’re hard, they’re sexy, and they’re juicy. Check them out!“

Super Hard Boys Videos