Dot Legacy – To The Others – 25.11.2016 (Setalight)

Dot Legacy - To The Others

Dot Legacy - To The Others vinyl | cd | download

…inspired by the space race and mankind’s desire to discover…

Die Franzosen Dot Legacy konnten seit ihrer Gründung 2009 auf Touren mit den Truckfighters und Blues Pills und ihrem selbstbetitelten Debüt Album (2014) für Aufsehen sorgen. Mit ihrem experimentellen und progressiven Stoner Rock Ansatz und ihrer Neugier nach weiteren Einflüssen entstand das zweite Album To The Others auf Tour und wurde danach von Sänger, Bassist und Emmy Preisträger Damien Quintard aufgenommen und produziert.

The idea and the motion behind “To The Others”

The idea and the motion behind “To The Others” was simple: Evolve and explore.
Dot Legacy has had the reputation of making intricate compositions and complex forms. For this album the aim was to create a true efficiency all along the 8 songs of the Album.
Inspired by the space age and the push for Mankind to grow and expand, the Album can be parralleled with the Orion Project of NASA in the 70’s. The goal was to propell a spaceship with a serie of successive nuclear detonations until the Final top speed was achieved. Consider every song as a detonation. Okay, all of this seems too futuristic, To the Others also has deep and loving crossovers of inspiring bands like The Beatles in Dakota, The Beastie Boys with Horizon and the Doors in Story of Fame.
Recorded and Produced by Emmy Award-winner & band member Damien Quintard, To the Others has one major guideline: Complete freedom of composition and creativity.
From the album cover – that was engraved in two collector metal plaques, honouring the Golden Record sent by NASA on the Voyager Probe: with schematics that could describe to unknown civilisations, who we are and what we represent – To the final chord of Pioneer, To The Others will get you an energy transfusion and will hit the ground running.

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