Nicole Yazolino: News from Courage + Craft

Die Folk-Band Courage + Craft werden eine Pause einlegen. In der Zwischenzeit können Fans und Freunde sich auf neue Songs und eine Solokarriere von Mastermind und Sängerin Nicole Yazolino freuen. Die gebürtige US-Amerikanerin aus San Francisco schreibt bereits Songs für ihr neues Album. Erste Live-Auftritte wird es auch sehr bald geben
Nicole >azolino: News from Singer/Songwriter „I have now entered a new music writing phase and am creating and giving birth to some songs that I didn’t even know I was capable of writing. Every new chord, word, sentence is a gift… and most of the time I am aware that I am channeling these beautiful things. Often, after I write something and listen to it later, I even hear messages within the texts that I needed to hear….. it’s definitely an awareness jump and I feel the vibrations on a different level.
Thankful is the only word I have for it!
I am super excited for the next album, my first solo album!!!! and the total re-birth of myself. I’m already 7 songs into it (some finished, some not). And every day holds surprises!“

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