Ghosts having Breakfast: The complex of simply complexity

by S.H. Palmer

I’ve met Vinzenz van Dyck, head and arm and soul of the Berlin based solo-project called Ghosts having Breakfast, two times. The first time I listened to his work (a 12-track album released last november by Setalight Records) – actually – I’ve found myself impressed.

Finally something different: this is the key for reading this album. The songs snake themselves among tons of influences. The cultural and musical background – in this sense – is open wide. Talking with Vinzenz I understood how complicated sometimes would be for an artist telling stories about himself.

Listening to Ghosts having Breakfast is a circular experience: as much the sound is contaminated – from Neil Young, through Nick Drake to Depeche Mode (and electronic vintage tradition) – as much everything moves through a singular way of chewing and stretching it, like a bubblegum experience. Crossing instruments, sounds and vocal energies everything begins to focus itself at first sight, in a strange combination of naïve and complex feelings.

As I said in the beginning, I met Vinzenz two times in order to talk about his work, his world and the milieu in which his imagination shapes itself. I participated the three layers of this ghost-work: listened to the album, watched the videos and enjoyed the live performance. This complete view is important in order to enjoy the whole project, in fact – consciously or not – the visuals are strongly linked to archetypes and ancient mythes.

The ghost acting on stage mirrors the shakespearean trickster/fool, in order to put together songwriting, shadows and physical performance. Through the frames of the clips (and especially about the one made up for the song „Time„), surrealism and symbolic tableaux build up a net of intellectual levels without being heavy and meaningless complicated: this is the power in communication of this project, which links culture, inspiration, reflections and dark lullabies.

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