Reviewed… „Architecture of absence / ANICONIC“

by S.H. Palmer

The price of silence, the elegance of dancing bodies, the sacred being of the elements. This trio composition represented the core of “Achitecture of absence/ANICONIC”, a two part interdisciplinary dance performance by Yuko Kaseki and Isak Immanuel on stage at Dock 11 (Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin) between the 14th and the 17th of november.

Architecture Of Absence / Aniconic review Doc11 BerlinThe authors – with the other performers Roland Walter, Macoto Inagawa, Hikaru Inagawa and with the musician Kazuhisa Uchihashi – explored the world of resonances through(out) speechless moments, the relationship icon/iconoclast/routine (mirroring the triangle victim/perpetrator/bystander) through movements and spaces.

Walking the line of a symbolic and preternatural reality, the dancers manipulate space and time, without a word. Four of them become earth, water, wind and fire in order to rise the fifth one: the principle of life, the intense and never ending struggle which lies and grows into every human being.

The performance has been a high professional and emotional piece of art: every movement – sharp and clear – has built, together with the others, the crib for this cosmic egg. Tecnique and strong expression have been the protagonists of the first half of the work (Architecture of absence) which crossed the bundaries of traditional theatre mixing the deep fluency of eastern dance tradition and the high symbolic/allegorical atmosphere – signature of the main contemporary european drama.

The main presence of the water in the second part, ANICONIC, can be read through the lines, talking for hours about it: life, death, movement, cleanliness, blood. From the ancient cults of the nature, through Samuel Beckett and the water puppetry, every level of meaning is mixed up and rebuilt on the stage, in a clean and quiet scene which is, at the same time, extremely intense despite its own tranquillity.

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